Social impact

Residents and businesses, both new and established, are suffering significant impact from Airservices's actions.

A320 Airbus arriving over Dunalley approximately 4500ft, 30km from the runway, measured at 95 dB. Airservices modelling predicts less than 60dB. On average there are 40 aircraft arriving per day, with the A320 series being most common.

A selection of feedback provided to SECLA via a petition:

  • Please address this issue as a matter of urgency. It is unacceptable that this change of flightpath which has wide-ranging detrimental affects has been implemented with no consultation whatsoever. This close-knit community deserves better & I call on you to support our efforts to rebuild after a devastating setback. (Dunalley)

  • With no consultation with local residents and the prospect of more flights overhead I am supporting this petition. This place I call home that we as a family have invested money, time and our lives has been spoilt by the noise of aircraft... even the dog is anxious and barks at some incoming flights ... that's how loud and disturbing it is at times. (Bream Creek)

  • I am very concerned about the complete lack of consultation with local residents in this area. My concerns raised with Airservices Australia were dealt with in a very dismissive reply which did not appear to seriously consider the issues I raised. It feels very David and Goliath. Thank you. (Dunalley)

  • Once again the voting public are not respectfully consulted or informed but expected to put up and shut up. Explain the transparency in that. (Murdunna)

  • We purchased our property recently due to the peace and surrounding nature. Not only do the planes now overhead interfere with our lifestyle choice, our health and wellbeing but also the value of our property and the wildlife. We received no consultation of any kind and would like to see this decision reversed. (Boomer Bay)

  • I want to know why the flight path has been developed over prime agricultural and residential areas, instead of over the adjacent isolated state forest (Weilangta) and ocean? There has been no public consultation. I am angry and feel powerless. (Copping)

  • Outrageous that home owners were not consulted and asked if we'd mind! I do mind, we bought our house to gain value over time NOT devalue it! How `Goliath' of Hobart Airport to do this to the country folk of Copping, Boomer Bay and Dunalley! (Boomer Bay)

  • I have lived in Kellevie for the past 30 years and love the solitude and peacefulness of the rural setting. This has drastically changed in the last few weeks. (Kellevie)

  • I have lived in this beautiful part of Tasmania for over 20 years. We live on a quiet gravel road 10 km from the main highway and away from the Hobart air routes deliberately. As of 14th september our tranquillity has been shattered with large planes descending on our area daily, with no public consultation or warning of any kind. As a resident and business owner employing locals, I find this totally rude and upsets me immensely that such major decisions can be forced onto people and they have to suffer the consequences. All the planes fly through our area on the calmest and sunniest days when we are outside enjoying the wildlife and tranquillity. We are about to embark on a new tourism venture and if this new route is not changed quickly all investment will be cancelled. After the 2013 Forcett fires we lost our business and we are still trying to rebuild our lives and invest back into the community that we love ,it has been hard enough without this as well. This new route is a major loss to this tranquil area and will affect employment and income to us and other businesses. (Marion Bay)

  • Dunalley is a quiet community that attracts lots of tourists they stop at the canal for a peaceful lunch and to take in the views NOT so peaceful now the planes fly over our country town early morning and late into the night and every few hours (Dunalley)

  • We were given no warning or notification of the changes, and it you changed a highway you would have to consult people why is it any different with a flight path?? It effect's more people! And it also is no good for kellevie, as the new flight path is right over the kellevie mountain bike park, where races are held where people from all over the country and overseas come to race, and it in thee process of being. Opened up to more public and tourism and has the potential to be like Derby is. (Kellevie)

  • I did not move to this peaceful country town to be under the flight path for the airport. I hate to imagine what all the fallout from these aircraft is doing to my organic backyard. The noise causes great distress to many residents here. the constant reminder of the aircraft buzzing us for weeks after the bushfire is causing mental anguish for many residents here. (Murdunna)

  • What a shame that Air Services Australia has shown no sensativity in regard to the fact that our surrounding communities depend on the environmental aesthetics of our region for much of our local economy. Overhead aircraft noise and local businesses in Eco-tourism, wedding venues, 'getaway' accommodation, cellar doors, etc is just not compatible. The reroute for aircraft into Hobart at the expense of our local businesses and economy is not acceptable. Air Services Australia is simply putting the industry's economic profits above that of our communities on the ground. (Dunalley)

  • This change is very disappointing as I relocated from mainland Australia in 2016 purchaseing a home in Dunalley to escape the aircraft noise & pollution from Collangatra airport. (Dunalley)

  • I did not move away from the city for it to follow me! A normally quiet & peaceful place has been destroyed by the decision to change the flight path. Where was the public consultation? (Boomer Bay)

  • We run a private accommodation business on our property, promoting peace and tranquility in the country. The horrendous disturbance of thunderous planes tracking directly overhead, appearing to suddenly drop out of the sky is not only ruining our guests stays, but also causing angst and fear. The noise level is like a defence force jet about to drop a bomb, due to the low altitude, gear change and proximity to land. Whilst we don't mind the occasional flight change, the route change of so may flights is totally unnecessary. We also have a 500 tree boutique award winning Olive grove and are fearful that fuel discharge will render our olives and resultant olive oil being poisoned. With respect, we wish this matter is acted upon urgently!, Appropriate consultation needs to be actioned with members of the community and the flight paths reversed immediately. (Kellevie)

  • I think its a bit rude that the flight path has tracked the same path of the 2013 Bushfires and is adding unwanted stress to people who are still recovering from a harrowing ordeal and need their peace and opinion respected. (Murdunna)

  • Ridiculous, I have just recently moved from Melbourne, built a new house to escape the rat race and noise and what happens.......... Not good enough! Thank you for ruining our family dream of living in a quiet peaceful community (Dunalley)

  • I moved to Marion Bay nearly 8 years ago to enjoy the quiet life of living beside a beach and in a reserve. The sudden. Introduction of planes flying directly over my home many times each day - without any notice or consultation - has had a huge impact. I am about to retire and the noise will significantly affect my peace and quiet in the future.. in addition, the noise will adversely impact the sale price of my home so it would be a difficult thing for me to relocate again. Would you please reconsider this decision and please also let me know why it has been made in the fist place? Thank you. (Marion Bay)

  • This affects all of our sleep (and consequently our health, particularly as my husband has chronic fatigue), especially my poorly sleeping toddler. I'm also worried about the potential impact on our property value. (Kellevie)

  • While I don't currently live in Connelly's Marsh it is the site of my family's land for generations, with my retired mother and aunt permanently living there and many other relatives investing in weekend 'shacks'. It is disgusting this peaceful oasis that so recently underwent the terrors of the bushfires is now being subjected to constant noise bombardment from low flying commercial planes. As this decision was made without any local consultation whatsoever the flight zone should be immediately altered to one more accepted by the residents of the region. (Connelly’s Marsh)

  • Please stop the single file plane arrivals over my sleepy, tranquil and unspoilt part of Tasmania. I am happy to share the noise spread over variable flight paths as happened in the past but the situation as of the 14th September is unacceptable. (Boomer Bay)