Airservices meeting attended by over 100 residents, despite short notice, outcome on 22 November

The information session held by Airservices on 11 November was attended by over 100 local residents and business owners, despite the short notice provided. Unfortunately, the session was disorganised and no notes were taken by Airservices, with attendees asked to provide feedback on a paper form.

Airservices admitted at the session that it made a mistake by underestimating the impact on communities, and in not consulting affected parties. However, residents calling for a reversal of the decision in order to conduct a proper consultation and planning process were ignored. Instead, Airservices proposed one short-term alternative which makes minor changes to the existing route, and two long-term alternatives which would take at least 18 months to implement, with no guarantee of ever being introduced (see our response).

Their decision will be announced at a meeting of the Hobart Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group on Wednesday 22 November.