Airservices to consult on flightpaths in November

Airservices has announced it will now not publicly release proposed new flight paths until 31 October 2018, despite announcing in early August that its review was 'on track'. It has cited 'significant community feedback' as the reason for the delay, as well as the flight path design being 'technical and complex'.

We are pleased that Airservices's appears to be finally taking flight path redesign in Hobart seriously, we want to be sure that it really is starting from a 'blank piece of paper' and not simply tinkering with the problematic 'RNP1 SID/STAR system' which has already generated significant safety and efficiency issues, as well as imposing unwanted noise on communities.

Southern Cross News Tasmania - Wednesday 5th September 2018

Airservices must genuinely consider all the options for Hobart, including a range of flight paths (including visual navigation) to promote efficiency, ground-based navigation for flexibility, and radar surveillance for, safety - just like any other capital city airport.