Have your say - by Monday 7 January

A reminder that the submission deadline for Airservices Australia's proposed new Hobart flight paths has been extended to Monday 7 January 2019.

Through our actions over the past year, the community has shown that it can make a difference, so if you have not yet made a submission, we strongly urge you to have your say.

If you’d like to contribute your voice, please feel feel free to use the template below.

You can view what Airservices is proposing, and alternatives developed jointly by community members here.


[HEADING] Submission to review of Hobart flight paths
[Opening statement: Start with a sentence or two outlining your relationship to the overflown area/s and why you think it's important for the area to remain free of intrusive aircraft noise, e.g. 'I am a resident/business owner/visitor of ... and I'm concerned about the impact of intrusive aircraft noise because ... ]

To reduce noise and visual impact, Airservices must:

  • Move the proposed East Coast arrival path (STAR), in consultation with community stakeholders, to avoid flying over Maria Island, Marion Bay and adjacent areas, e.g. by moving the proposed waypoint at Schouten Island inland

  • Make the proposed Runway 12 light aircraft departure path (SID) available for jet traffic, in consultation with community stakeholders, to minimise noise impact on newly overflown communities.

  • Ensure that the proposed smart track arrival paths can be used by as many flights as possible. Smart track technology should be extended wherever possible, in consultation with community stakeholders. e.g. for arrivals to the west of Hobart airport to minimise impact on communities in the east.

  • Properly and transparently examine use of airspace to the west of Hobart airport for Melbourne arrivals and departures to improve safety and efficiency and to ensure noise impact is distributed fairly.

Lodge your submission via the Airservices Online Feedback Form or by email to taniaparkes@taniaparkes.com.au